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When it comes to building dream careers and helping individuals find their true purpose, we are among Boston’s most trusted mentors. Whether your business is still a  twinkle in your eye or fully up and running, we can help you with branding and innovative rebranding, marketing, financial strategies that can cut the amount of time you spend working,(sometimes in half!), and how to increase revenue DRAMATICALLY. We will teach you how to work smarter instead of harder, how to stand out in such a highly saturated market, and how to develop a bombproof business model tailored to your goals and specifications. 


You’re passionate, driven, intelligent, and ready to start living life on your own terms.  You do not settle for anything less than perfection, do not mind doing some serious self-work, and are ready to see some really big changes in your personal and professional life.


You are tired of the 9 to 5, and following orders from some one who has no idea who you are, and doesn’t appreciate your light and fire. 




Despite your sincere desire for change, and willingness to fight hard for it, do you still feel like you’re working all the time, but getting nowhere?


Are you still struggling to pay the bills, and have trouble figuring out how much to fairly charge for your services? 


Perhaps you have been unable to properly brand yourself, or figure out what exactly makes you stand out in this industry from others doing the exact same thing that you are doing …Except, they’re not:


you are special


 ...and we will show you in a STEP-BY-STEP, PERSONALIZED action plan just how to effectively illustrate exactly that to your ideal clients! You want a life and a career where creativity, independence, freedom are celebrated, and money worries are a thing of the past. We are here to give you the tools, techniques, and  EASY strategies to make that dream a reality. 


Owning and operating one of the city’s most successful Dog Training and Rehabilitation Facilities (based on revenue, profit margins, client satisfaction, and the long-term success rates of the dogs that complete our programs) has given us insight into the service industry that cannot be found anywhere else. We know exactly what the clients need and want, both dog and human.


Not only to we know what works, and we also have firgured out what DOES NOT. Let us save you from the stress and frustration of wasted time, resources, money, and energy, whether in the pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams. 



Most importantly, we know exacly what it takes to get your business to a place you have always dreamed of, in a way that works for you, completely




















Via Skype: $110/h





(Denver/Colorado Area): $180/h























What can you expect from a private coaching session?


In these personal, transformative sessions, Corinna will help you build the foundation for a successful, thriving business, and/or devise a plan to ensure you are running your current business in the most efficient, profitable manner possible. Additionally, you will learn: to attract your IDEAL CLIENTS (You know, people who are so rad, that you’d hang out with them outside of them hiring you?)


...the #1 reason why you are not making the amount of money you deserve to work smart not hard, and how this will change EVERYTHING hacks that will save you time, money, stress, and from having to deal with unhappy clients who kill your confidence


...the reason your are not attracting those coveted high-paying, committed clients


...why you DO NOT need to pay for marketing (yes, I'm serious)

How do you build the career that feeds your soul AND design a life that you love? 

SHORT ANSWER: However you want.

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