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Owner  |  Program Director  |  Head of Client Care & Continued Education










The Loyal Hound's #1 goal is to empower people, maintain the trust of the dogs, and to teach our clients how to strengthen the human-canine bond. We develop stable, healthy, safe, happy companions, and train dogs to succeed in REAL LIFE. We believe strongly in fulfilling a dog's natural genetic drives (protection work, hunting, dog sports, etc), while also teaching them how to be appear in public and our clients’ homes as civilized members of society.


 We are inspired and fascinated by dogs, and the ways in which they enrich our lives. Dogs have selflessly given us an incredible amount, so we have dedicated ours to strengthening the human-canine relationship so that others can more aptly care and properly advocate for their canine companions. Developing personalized, effective, and, most importantly, realistic training plans, we have 12+ years of experience working with 1,000+ dogs of varying breeds, ages, and temperaments, successfully addressing a vast array of behavioral issues.


 At The Loyal Hound, we refuse to restrict or resign ourselves to one methodology, tool, or school of thought, as we feel this is limiting and not in the best interest of the dog or the human. I am a balanced trainer, focusing on helping dogs succeed in real-world scenarios. This means relying heavily on positive reinforcement and believing in the power of properly-timed affection, praise, and inclusion in our lives – NOT just on food, treats, and other material rewards. We use a variety of training tools in addition to most modern techniques and methods existing in the industry to modify behavior, allow for crystal clear communication, and to pattern desirable responses. Your dog might work best in a slip lead, head halter, pinch collar, or remote collar, paired with a clicker to mark correct choices, and their daily kibble, with additional praise for reinforcement. Your dog might need only one or two of these tools...or they might need something completely different!  We are EXPERTS in thinking outside of the box. Dogs that come into our program are set up to succeed by being taught new coping tools, social skills, and replacement behaviors BEFORE they are expected to make better choices in high distraction or stressful situations.  At that point, if a dog still chooses to make a choice that is dangerous, rude, or otherwise inappropriate, you will learn how to calmly, fairly, and effectively correct your dog so that they understand that this choice was not acceptable. 


Every dog and owner is different, and lets us know what they need. We will do whatever it takes to help you and your dog reach your goals.


  It is so important that our clients understand how to implement structure, boundaries, and rules. These must be easy for your dog to comprehend and easy for you to consistently follow so you all can enjoy a safe, FUN, happy life together at home and in public, and to minimize the number of mistakes made by your dog in the first place! We are huge advocates for being proactive.


We are a team – you and your dog’s success is paramount when you work with The Loyal Hound!

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