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Follow your passion, earn a living improving lives, and to enjoy the freedom that comes with the ability to design your own schedule and be your own boss!


Reading books, attending classes at a “training school”, and watching DVDs are all great ways to learn about the many different methods and philosophies of modern dog training. However, there is nothing quite like working one-on-one with a successful, full-time professional trainer. We provide our shadow students with a comprehensive, hands-on experience. We aim to give students a solid foundation that can lead to making their dream career a reality!

The Loyal Hound is proud to offer an intensive, week-long, 30-hour program where aspiring dog trainers can both observe and receive hands-on experience working with and safely handling dogs of various sizes, breeds, and temperaments. In your time with us, you will learn the ins and outs of basic - advanced obedience, behavior modification and rehabilitation, remote collar techniques for off-leash reliability. You will learn what it means to be a dog trainer in today’s market, gaining valuable insight into the business side of this incredibly rewarding profession. Students are taught how to make social media work for you as a vehicle to effectively showcase your skills, in addition to strategies that allow you to efficiently manage your time and energy. The goal is always to spend more time on the training floor, and less time on the phone and computer.

Some of the topics covered in our Apprenticeship Program:


  • Business management, marketing, branding, and financial planning

  • Client relations

  • Determining the value of services offered

  • How to make sure the right clients choose YOU

  • Strategies to ensure continued client and dog success 

  • The art of designing effective, customized programs

  • Using social media to the fullest extent

  • Determining which tools are right for each dog coming in

  • Ways to build trust in dogs who you may only have a short time with

  • Rehabilitation & behavior modification techniques

  • Aggressive dog handling safety protocol  

  • On and off-Leash obedience

  • Proper remote collar use


"This apprenticeship program really confirmed my goal of being a professional dog trainer. I already had experience helping with basic clicker training obedience, but this program gave me so much more knowledge about the different tools available and how to safely and effectively use them. Seeing how the dogs were transformed in a matter of two weeks was so encouraging. In the first session Juliet took time to understand what my goals were for the program, then customized the work we did based on this. As an aspiring professional I used this program as a starting point from which I can build my knowledge and skills. I learned and practiced using many different tools such as the prong and e-collars. I was also able to see the daily routine of the board and train dogs. Juliet also shared many strategies and tips for opening and running your own business. After finishing the month I am much more confident in my ability to start my own business and have a successful career as a professional trainer. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to learn more about dog training."
- Kai Miller from Boston, MA, with her two dogs.

Brooke Pettengill of "Ryder"


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