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Is your dog struggling with aggressive behavior?

Out of options and at your wits' end?

We offer customized training programs for aggressive dogs that WORK.

If you’re like most dog owners, you began with visions of playing frisbee with your dog at the park, having puppy play dates, enjoying strolls through the neighborhood, and hitting hiking trails with your four-legged best friend. But sometimes that dream is shattered when your dog develops serious and dangerous behavior issues. Suddenly walks become a stressful scenario. Running into another person with a dog becomes a dangerous liability. Hiking on trails is impossible, going to parks is out of the question. It feels like you’re holding a grenade with the pin pulled out on your leash, and you’re constantly on edge about what might happen next. As much as you love your dog, instead of enjoying all of life’s adventures with your furry companion, you feel stuck with a major problem for the next 10 years.


By the time many of my clients reach us, they are exhausted and discouraged. Their quality of life has been diminished. They’ve spent thousands of dollars on other trainers and methods that did not work, various harnesses, collars, clickers, positive reward techniques, have watched every episode of Cesar Milan, and are at their wit’s end. Some have admitted that their only remaining option seemed to be surrendering the dog or euthanasia, something they could not have imagined ever having to do, but when the average dog attack settlement costs up to $100,000, you can’t wait until something happens to decide to finally do something about it. If this is you, I want you to know that your aggressive dog’s behavior does not have to be a life sentence. There is hope for you to have a normal life AND do all the things you want to do without giving up your dog, putting him down, or waiting another decade to try again.

See how we can help!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Meet the Trainer


My name is Juliet. I am a professional and experienced canine behaviorist and dog trainer specializing in off leash aggressive dog training. To date, I have trained over 2,000 dogs and counting, I’ve seen it all. For 12 years now, I have been working with dogs to correct aggressive behavior such as:

  • Biting

  • Lunging

  • Attacking

  • Off leash recall

  • Leash reactivity

  • Dog reactivity

  • Car chasing

  • Bike reactivity

  • Leash pulling

My mission is to arm you with the customized tools, techniques, and knowledge to turn your out-of-control aggressive dog into a balanced, obedient, functioning family member that you can walk, hike, camp, and be in public with. In as little as 1 or 2 sessions, many of my clients are able to walk their dogs off leash in a crowded park – something they never thought possible. Many see a 180 within our first session.


If you’ve been struggling with dog aggression and you’ve landed on this page, don’t wait: Book a consultation call with me today to discuss exactly how we will work together to get your freedom back and give you the dog you always dreamed of!

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